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Partnership with NuVerge

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NuVerge is proud to announce a strategic alliance and reseller agreement with Azmera. Azmera is a management and systems solution provider dedicated solely to serving the Wine and Agriculture industries.

Azmera is an independent firm that delivers technology and operational solutions grounded in people, process, and systems. They approach each client’s needs by understanding how these three aspects of their client’s business interact to design and implement the best solutions to solve their unique problems. With a methodology based on Lean and Continuous Improvement and adapted to cater for the specific needs and cadence of farming and winery operations, they help by implementing a program and culture of continuous improvement across their client’s operations.

NuTrax™ for Wine and NuTrax™ for Agriculture are NuVerge industry solutions built for the Wine & Beverage and Agriculture industries. The solutions are built on next generation SaaS + PaaS application technologies with accelerators and pre-configurations that jump start your next strategic Enterprise Grade Wine & Beverage applications move.

Phil Bourke, Azmera President, stated, “Our partnership with NuVerge will extend our capability in the wine and agriculture industries with next-generation wine & agriculture applications. This relationship will allow us to enhance the synergies of our technology and continuous improvement services. Their NuTrax™ for Wine and NuTrax™ for Agriculture products were specifically designed for these industries and built on a no-code technology platform. This next generation of software and technology will accelerate business process automation and digital transformation for our clients.” Phil continued, “Under the terms of the agreement, Azmera will have distribution and resell rights to NuVerge™ products, automation tools, and consultative services.”

“Azmera stands above the rest in being solution providers and not just system implementers. They have a long history of successfully using a Lean-based methodology approach to consistently deliver process improvement across their customers’ operations. Together the partnership will provide our mutual clients with Azmera’s industry & process expertise and our software and automation capabilities. This will reduce our client’s operational cost while allowing them to leverage digital processes for the best customer experience,” said Mark Goedde, President & CEO.

About NuVerge
Established in 2018, NuVerge is a Global Reseller of Nextworld™ ERP Applications and Nextbot™ (a No-Code platform for business process automation). NuVerge is committed to leveraging Next Generation Business Software and Technologies that focused on digital transformation and accelerated process automation. The NuVerge Strategy is simple; assist our clients in the untethering of legacy software while improving their organizational performance and growing their business at an unprecedented pace.

NuVerge is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado and serves its North American client base from its East and West regional offices. Please visit for additional information.

About Azmera
Established in 2016, Azmera provides system implementation, Lean-based continuous improvement, and IT management services to the wine and agricultural industries. Azmera’s philosophy is to provide their clients with the best technologies and processes to support and enable the success of their core business. They have a simple goal to help their clients work safer, better, and easier.
Azmera is headquartered in Napa, California.

Visit for more information.



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